Will DeFi dApps surpass most of the BSC or some ETH swaps?

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Odin Clarke

Thursday, March 24, 2022

In the future, DeFi dApps will surpass their centralized counterparts like BSC and ETH swaps. This opinion is shaped by the fact that decentralization is the original concept of Satoshi Nakamoto and the fact that we are on the horizon of Web3.0. Because of insecurity resulting from a central point of failure, transparency, and inefficiency that ETH and BSC have shown, there is a strong demand for DeFi dApps. The recent governments’ crackdown on centralized exchanges fuels the need for DeFi dApps further.

Lyric Carson

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

As Ethereum’s transaction volume has increased, traffic speeds have slowed. Since each transaction is competing for very limited mining power, the fees are costly. Scalability isn’t expected to improve until 2023, although an upgrade is underway to resolve the problem.

Other blockchains have already solved that issue and are gaining traction. One cryptocurrency that could potentially overtake ETH is Avalanche. This programmable blockchain is designed by Ava Labs and is one of the world’s fastest blockchains.

ETH can handle about 14 TPS and requires up to six minutes to finalize all transactions. This lack of scalability causes the platform to be costly. Transaction fees for Ethereum average around $20; Avalanche typically costs just a few cents.

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