DexGuru Review—Ease of Use, Fees, Wallets, and More

Josiah Makori
By Josiah Makori
Siphokazi Mdidimba
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Published June 6, 2022.

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DexGuru is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading and analysis platform designed for modern traders. At its core, DexGuru combines on-chain blockchain analytics and trading capacities under one roof. In other words, you can trade and monitor various digital assets on one platform. You can also analyze and compare the price movements of various digital currencies using multiple indicators. In essence, everything thought of a modern decentralized stock exchange can be found on DexGuru.

A number of DexGuru users may agree that the developers behind this project did a fantastic job. The platform is exceedingly intuitive with a user-friendly interface. Read on to learn more



  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
  • Plenty of on-chain trading information
  • It supports many blockchains and wallets
  • No trading fees—users only pay for network gas fees


  • Only market orders are available
  • It offers only spot trading

Is DexGuru Easy to Use?

Although DexGuru offers a plethora of essential trading information that appears jumbled on its front-end view, if you keenly compare it with most of its competitors, you will discover that DexGuru’s interface is as intuitive as its mission.

Unfortunately, further intuitiveness enhancements are impossible because they throat the information down, and users encounter poorer experiences. However, even though it’s your first time trading digital assets, DexGuru has multiple documents to guide you through the website and its features.

DexGuru Fees and Pricing

Here are two easy steps on how you can trade crypto on DexGuru:

  1. You will need to link your Web3 wallet to DexGuru.
  2. You will have to ensure that you set your wallet to the appropriate blockchain. You will also be able to see the blockchain you are using on the upper right-hand side, near your wallet icon.

With that said, you are now ready to trade!

DexGuru has simplified the process of identifying coins from various blockchains by applying colored circles around a coin’s icon. For instance, they wrap the BNB token in orange circles. Furthermore, connected wallets are shown in similar colors as the circles of specific blockchains.


You cannot trade tokens from two blockchains for each other. This simply means you can’t swap MANA (an ERC20 token built on Ethereum) for BUSD (a BEP20 token built on Binance Smart Chain). Nonetheless, most ERC20 tokens have pegged versions on Binance Smart Chain.

To trade a particular asset, you need to choose it from DexGuru’s Market Selector section. You will only enter the amount of funds to be deducted from your Web3 wallet. Once you're done with this, the system will automatically calculate the amount of coins you will receive after a successful transaction.

If this is your first time executing a transaction with a particular coin, you must complete a coin approval transaction first by clicking the "Approve/Sell" tab.

After approving the token spending limit in your Web3 wallet, you will see a Swap Confirmation pop-up window. If the asset doesn’t require approval, you will see the Swap Confirmation just after clicking the "Buy/Sell" tab.

You can modify the price slippage and validator tip and select the gas price within the Swap Confirmation window. After setting the above parameters accordingly, press the Confirm button to complete the transaction.

Apart from network gas fees—which are mandatory in any exchange—DexGuru doesn’t charge any fee. The company depends entirely on donations and sponsorships to run its activities. Regardless, you won’t pay any fees as a DexGuru trader.

What Wallets Are Supported by DexGuru?

Most DEXs don’t support a broad basket of Web3 wallets because of security reasons. DexGuru supports most if, not all the popular DeFi wallets, including:

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • Ledger (through MetaMask)
  • Trezor (through MetaMask)

Now that you are aware of the wallets supported by DexGuru, let’s discuss how you can connect your wallet to DexGuru. Before we do that, let’s first briefly discuss the benefits of linking your wallet to DexGuru.

Benefits of Connecting Your Wallet to DexGuru

  • Add assets to your preferred list
  • Synchronize your preferred list across all your gadgets
  • Trade crypto directly on the DexGuru platform
  • Create price alerts via Push Notifications
  • Access multiple charts
  • Create trader and asset profiles

How to Connect Your Wallet to DexGuru

It’s important to note that DexGuru is a non-custodial crypto exchange. Therefore, the funds in your DeFi wallet are always under your full control.

On Desktop

Connecting MetaMask with DexGuru

  1. Search for the MetaMask wallet on your browser
  2. Press the wallet icon on the upper right-hand side
  3. Select MetaMask
  4. DexGuru employs signature requests to authenticate users—you will need to confirm that you possess the private keys to the address by signing in

Connecting with WalletConnect

  1. Press the wallet icon on the upper right-hand side
  2. Select WalletConnect
  3. Scan the QR code from your WalletConnect wallet, and approve the Signature Request

It’s worth noting that to connect WalletConnect to DexGuru, you must disable or delete the MetaMask browser extension as it conflicts with other wallets. Alternatively, you can switch to Incognito mode. That is it.

On Mobile

Connecting MetaMask or Trust Wallet to DexGuru

  1. Download and install a MetaMask wallet on your phone
  2. Proceed to your wallet app and search for
  3. Press the wallet icon on the upper right-hand side
  4. Select MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Congratulations, you are done! However, for Trust Wallet, you need to change the network by:

  1. Pressing the wallet icon on the upper right-hand side of the browser
  2. Selecting Wallet Connect
  3. Scanning the code on display using the Trust Wallet app
  4. Choosing your wallet within the app
  5. Choosing your preferred network within the app
  6. Confirming the signature request within the app
  7. Pressing “Save and Leave” within the app

You're done.

Information on DexGuru Tokens

DexGuru uses Token Lists to offer its users more token information. Remember, verified status isn’t investment advice, final approval, or any recommendation. It’s a sign that a particular asset is trustworthy enough to be acknowledged by a listing creator like UniSwap.

Besides, assets that aren’t fully verified and classified under the Full Degen Mode are not necessarily scams. Degen Mode basically contains assets that have not been inspected and certified by creators.

As always, Do Your Own Research (DYOR) on any token before trading, especially those missing on Token Lists.

Is DexGuru a Legit DEX Platform?

DexGuru is a legit and modern trading platform for beginners and experienced traders alike. DexGuru stands out from other DEXs by allowing users to compare and monitor various digital currencies in real-time and use its rich historical data to make informed decisions. Above all, DexGuru imposes no transaction charges on trades.

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