What did Buterin write about in the original Ethereum White Paper?

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Hi guys. My IT classes at school have taught me a lot about cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and blockchains. And my teachers especially love to talk about Ethereum. I've gotten very interested in Vitalik Buterin and how he was able to start up his DeFi empire. Does anyone know more about what happened right in the beginning? Can someone tell me more or less what the Ethereum White Paper was about? Thanks!

Anderson Ezie

Anderson Ezie

Friday, April 22, 2022

The Ethereum yellow paper was published by Vitalik Buterin in 2014 alongside Dr. Gavin Wood, who now manages Parity Technologies, the parent company of Polkadot. Although the ideas are mostly those of Vitalik Buterin, I believe the level of sophistication required to get an academic paper out to the public warranted the involvement of Dr. Gavin Wood who was already familiar with the rigor and the academic community. The Yellow Paper proposed the ideas for the development of programmable money and a layer that can allow developers to build anything on a supercomputer. That supercomputer is today known as the Ethereum virtual machine or EVM.

Buterin is a child prodigy and was often laughed at in school for his uncanny ability to multiply large numbers in seconds and answer almost impossible questions. Buterin himself attributed this to his elementary school, the Alberad School, in Toronto, where the teachers did more to educate students in detail about the fundamentals of science and mathematics. He won a bronze medal at the international informatics olympiad in 2012, proposed the Ethereum whitepaper in 2013, given his age at the time, and as a student of the University of Waterloo, it may seem surprising, but at The Alberad School, Buterin was in a class for the gifted students and both parents were highly academically inclined.

You must have heard that Buterins mother, Natalia Ameline is the head of investment for a different blockchain project, Metis. Buterin won the Theil Fellowship in 2014 and was awarded $100,000 which he spent doing the background research that led to the development of Ethereum.

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