Can Trezor make transactions with private security keys without the internet?

Asked 2 years ago

I have been considering using a cold wallet so I can store my cryptocurrencies outside of internet connectivity. I was told by a friend that Trezor allows you to store your private keys to system devices outside of the internet. My only concern is whether Trezor will be able to confirm transactions away from the internet.

Josiah Makori

Josiah Makori

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Crypto transactions are broken down into two parts:

The intent – the transaction details which you must agree to by signing cryptographically.

The transmission – the transmission of the signed transaction to the blockchain.

When you start a transaction, the Trezor wallet interface creates an intent. The intent is a communication between the dApp you are interacting with and your wallet, which contains the agreement details for you to sign. After signing the intent, the transaction isn’t complete as it must be transmitted to your Trezor interface and the blockchain. The process takes place online. As such, Trezor cannot make transactions with private security keys without the internet.

However, if your concern is about the safety of connecting your Trezor wallet to a computer, worry no more! A hardware wallet is the most secure form of storing cryptocurrencies since the keys are always stored offline. Besides, data entry into the Trezor wallet occurs on the wallet interface itself and is not exposed to the internet until the transmission phase.

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