Does Trezor protect my digital assets from offline threats without frequent use?

Asked 2 years ago

I do not use my Trezor crypto wallet regularly and I know that it is meant to be secure from online security risks. I am worried that my assets and private data might be compromised if I have not used my wallet in a while. Is it safe from offline threats?

Josiah Makori

Josiah Makori

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Trezor is a reliable wallet for storing digital assets safely. It is a hardware wallet (a physical USB-like device) that provides secure offline storage. Offline storage keeps hackers from copying and stealing your wallet information and assets. Apart from minimizing offline threats, Trezor protects your digital assets from offline threats, such as extreme heat, humidity, and saline conditions. However, most of these offline protection measures are done at a personal level. This is how you can protect your Trezor wallet against offline threats:

Storing your wallet safely and securely to avoid theft and misplacement. Being careless with where you keep your wallet exposes you to severe security consequences.

Using protective casings made from high-grade silicone for your Trezor wallets. The cases will prevent dust, grease, and water buildup and insulate the wallet from knocks, scratches, and other damages.

Using multiple devices. You can load your seed into other trusted devices and use it simultaneously. The use of multiple devices ensures you can access your assets even if you lose your Trezor wallet.

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