Do yield farming bots exist and are they safe?

Asked 2 years ago

I found a video on Youtube about a yield farming bot but I'm wondering if it's just a scam. Are there legitimate yield farming bots available?

Odin Clarke

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

It is in fact possible to create any kind of bot to do anything, especially with crypto and in trading. Most of the platforms known as yield aggregators are actually cryptocurrency bots that have been programmed to profit from the most profitable pools and invest in the most profitable platforms. You can equally write your own code, and create your own bot to implement your unique yield farming strategy. Talking about legitimacy, it is normal to automate some of the processes used to maximize capital on investment. The reason for this is that some profit opportunities are fleeting and only bots will be able to spot these opportunities and participate for a profit as fast as possible. So it is legitimate and possible to create and use yield farming bots.

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