What assets can be tokenized?

Asked 2 years ago

I'm really excited by the idea of asset tokenization and that I can join the world of DeFi! What assets am I able to tokenize? Thanks!

Marco Flynn

Monday, June 27, 2022

Asset tokenization is the process of converting ownership rights of real-world assets into blockchain-based tokens. The possibilities of tokenization are limitless since it allows fractional ownership and proof-of-ownership. Below are the four common classes of assets that can be tokenized:

  • Real estate: Tokenization of real estate enables fractional ownership, opening the doors for high capital and more market participation.
  • Commodities: Commodity tokenization creates new market opportunities from the sourcing to the trading point
  • Private equity shares: Tokenization of equity shares enables businesses to interact with shareholders by offering useful information on a joint, transparent, and immutable ledger.
  • Physical goods: Tokenization of illiquid assets like art, wine, jewelry, partnership shares, etc., facilitates provenance, lending, and more price discovery.

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