Moonbirds: The NFT Collector’s Latest Obsession

Filip Dimkovski
By Filip Dimkovski
Tamara Fodora - Editor for DeFipedia
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Published January 8, 2023.

Image displaying a series of owls in pixel art format with various accessories on them

As of early 2023, Moonbird NFTs have become the latest craze in the crypto world. These digital owls are causing a lot of hype, and there are many reasons why the demand for them is so big. In addition to being a part of an exclusive collection of only 10,000 unique pieces of art, Moonbirds also have some amazing features that make them stand out from the competition.

The investors who grab hold of these amazing collectibles can look forward to a number of benefits, including access to PROOF Collective’s private Discord channel, early access to Project Highrise, and plenty of rewards through the unique “Nesting” system. Today’s article will provide you with all the necessary insights regarding Moonbirds, so stick around to learn more.

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Everything You Need to Know About Moonbirds

The Moonbird collection consists of exactly 10,000 pixel-art owls, with each one being slightly different than the other. All of them have different colors and accessories that make them unique, and honestly - quite loveable. In addition to their authenticity and charm, the true value of these cute little birds comes from the unique "Nesting" mechanism.

Namely, each Moonbird comes with a nest, which can be upgraded and filled with rewards or bonuses. The longer the owner keeps their Moonbird in their nest (in other words, holds on to their NFT), the greater the rewards become.

Specifically, there are three tiers of the Nesting System, each with its own type of rewards. First, Tier 1 offers access to the PROOF Collective’s private Discord server as well as early access to Project Highrise. Tier 2 and 3 then provide even more exclusive rewards, such as special badges, the ability to design new owls, and even receive an NFT of their own design.

If an owner one day decides it is time for the Moonbird to leave its nest, they can sell it. In that case, the background of the NFT is wiped clean, and it can carry on its new journey in someone else’s nest.

Who Is Behind the Moonbirds?

The Moonbird NFTs are the first of their kind, created by the PROOF Collective - a group of experienced developers, entrepreneurs, and artists. PROOF Collective is backed by some of the world’s leading venture capitalists and investors, meaning that there are plenty of resources at their disposal.

It is their mission to turn digital artwork into a viable asset, and it would seem that the Moonbirds are taking them closer to fulfilling this goal.

Besides the NFTs, PROOF Collective also has many other projects in the works, including Project Highrise and several virtual reality games. Right now, we can only speculate what the effects of their future projects will be, but it is safe to say that, with the Moonbirds, they are definitely on the right track.

How are the 10,000 Moonbirds Distributed?

The PROOF Collective team decided that each team member will get to keep two Moonbirds for themselves, while 7,875 Moobirds were distributed through a raffle. The team collected 19,687 ETH, or close to $60 million, in the initial public sale of the NFTs. After the first sales, the total amount raised from the Moonbird NFTs reached over 100,000 ETH, or about $300 million. The remaining 125 Moonbirds are held by the PROOF Collective team for marketing and promotional activities.

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Besides their exclusivity and undeniable charm, the incentives and features Moonbird NFTs offer are hard to resist - and are frankly unmatched by the competition. In addition to the aforementioned “Nesting” system, there are many other benefits that make Moonbirds a force to be reckoned with. Here are some:

  • Access to PROOF Collective’s Private Discord Channel In simple terms, this is the perfect place to share ideas, get exclusive content, and discuss strategies. Additionally, Moonbird owners can expect plenty of organized events to take place in this private channel, in which they can win airdrops and other valuable prizes.
  • Early Access to Project Highrise This is an upcoming virtual reality game that will take place in the Metaverse. Moonbird owners will be one of the first in the world to see the game, and they will get to play it before anyone else.
  • Unique “Nesting” System With Three Tiers of Rewards This includes special badges, the ability for holders to design their own NFTs, but also the chance to get merchandise, airdrops, and other valuable prizes.

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Investing in Moonbird NFTs

Even though the sales numbers of Moonbirds have been on the rise for a while now, they still haven't reached their peak. Statistics show that second-hand sales of Moonbird NFTs continue to grow with every passing day, which could indicate that the NFTs are still a good investment despite the recent bear market.

According to recent reports, the total volume generated by the sales of Moonbirds has reached 175,811 ETH, or over $300 million. Considering that these figures keep growing each day, it's safe to assume that Moonbird NFTs are still a great investment opportunity.

In early December 2022, a Moonbird NFT was sold for the 226th time and generated a total volume of over $2.5 million. So, if you're looking to invest in NFTs, Moonbirds are almost definitely worth your time and money.

Key Takeaways

Moonbird NFTs are unique digital assets created by the PROOF Collective, with each of them having its own story to tell. The Moonbirds have been gaining popularity over the last few months due to their exclusive features, such as the “Nesting” system and early access to Project Highrise.

Furthermore, the figures generated by recent sales suggest that Moonbird NFTs are still a great investment opportunity. So, if you're looking for a way to invest in NFTs, Moonbirds are definitely worth your time and money.

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