Top 5 Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs

Marcel Deer
By Marcel Deer
Tamara Fodora - Editor for DeFipedia
Edited by Tamara Fodora

Published January 8, 2023.

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Are you a crypto-punk?

If you've been following the crypto-world recently, you've probably noticed that there are quite a few digital assets out there—and some of them are pretty expensive. The most expensive crypto-punk NFTs on the market right now are worth millions of dollars. So if you're looking to make a quick buck on the blockchain, take inspiration from 5 of the most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs.

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1. CryptoPunk #5822 (23.58M USD)

Earlier in 2022, Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of tech company Chain, purchased Punk #5822 for $23.58 million, the most ever paid for a digital avatar in CryptoKitties' history. The Alien Punk he bought is very rare—there are only nine such NFTs in existence among all players and collections on the platform.

In addition, the avatar is wearing a bandana, a rare trait shared by 5% of collectible NFTs. This makes it even more valuable than its rarity would suggest. The value of the item, then, is not just in its rarity but also in its appeal to all players on CryptoKitties' platform who want to own one of these avatars.

2. CryptoPunk #7804 (7.56M USD)

This Alien Punk, pricing around 7.56 million USD, is one of the rarest collectibles, with only 3% sharing its Cap Forward trait. In addition, it has Small Shades and a Pipe – both traits that are rarely seen on CryptoPunks NFTs. All of these traits combined make PFPs very desirable. This makes the cards even more valuable than they might be due solely to their rarity.

3. CryptoPunk #8857 (6.64M USD)

This Punk NFT, with a price tag of 6.64 million USD, features the rare trait of 3D Glasses and Wild Hair, which look good on any Zombie, whether they are Deadhead or Brain Eater. Given that only 0.88% of NFT collectibles are Zombie types, it’s no wonder this CryptoPunk NFT was valued at 2,000 ETH by the previous owner, a price tag likely to be out of reach for most investors.

However, if you have a few million dollars to spare and are looking for an investment opportunity that’s almost guaranteed to go up in value, then this is one of the best NFTs on the market today.

4. CryptoPunk #7252 (5.33M USD)

This Zombie CryptoPunks NFT sold for 1,600 ETH back in August 2021 and is currently priced at around 5.33 million USD. The combination of Crazy Hair, a gold Earring, and Chinstrap traits make it visually compatible and thus more expensive than other collectible zombies with one or two traits. Zombie Punks are more expensive than other collectibles because they are very hard to find.

They are the most sought-after of all the NFTs and do not come up for sale very often. If you want to get into the CryptoPunks game and want a chance to be one of the first people in your town to own a Zombie CryptoPunk, then this is your best bet.

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5. CryptoPunk #2338 (4.35M USD)

This Punk #2338, sold for a price of 1,500 ETH in August 2021, is a Zombie with Mohawk Thin accessories. This digital asset had three previous owners; however, none of those sales ever exceeded 3.5 ETH. It now prices at around 4.35 million USD. This NFT collectible is one of the most sought-after NFTs in the game and is a great investment if you want to get into the CryptoPunks game.

Final Words

The most expensive CryptoPunk NFTs are among the rarest collectibles on the market. The original collection, created by Larva Labs and now owned by Yuga Labs, is widely regarded as one of the best in NFT history. One of the first non-fungible tokens to gain such widespread attention, it is often referred to as the first proof-of-concept for Project Finance Platforms (PFP).

CryptoPunks is, no doubt, among the most expensive and stable NFT collections. You can find some of the most iconic celebrities, whales (people with a large amount of cryptocurrency), and artists.

In conclusion, CryptoPunks are worth investing in if you're okay with spending a little money. If you can spend more than that on individual collectibles, then your investment will be even better off when it comes time to sell them back.

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